Friday, 26 June 2009

Greenrock Writers Rock!

I had such a good time today with the Greenrock Writers. I got asked all kinds of awesome questions (like "What inspired The Everafter?" and "Do you have everything planned out before you write it?" and "How do you go about being published?") It was such fun to be with kids who love to write. They made me feel so welcome. As they well know (because they had to do it in the retreat) reading our own work aloud always causes some jitters, but the GRW's made me comfortable from from The Everafter. In the next few days, I'll post some pictures of our fun together.

All in all, my day with Greenrock left me feeling refreshed...and ready to come home and revise. Thanks for inspiring me today, Greenrockers. 

To any teen who hasn't attended this retreat and enjoys writing: this is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone within a reasonable distance of Michigan State University. If you can't go there, find a site of the National Writing Project near you. See what kinds of summer programs they have for young writers. Having a writing community is incredibly important, and the National Writing Project is eager to help you do it!


  1. This is Ashely from greenrock. It's great to hear you had a good time and thanks again for talking to us (I couldn't help but notice some of those questions were asked by me? Haha). I'm excited for your book this September, and if I have any money after paying for my first semester I will definitely pick it up!

  2. It was fun meeting you, Ashley. Pictures soon! Just have to get the permissions forms from Dawn later today!

  3. Amy it was awesome to have you join us at Greenrock last week! Thanks for inspiring us!


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